Save Sag Harbor™ was started as a community-based effort to keep Sag Harbor from becoming overrun by big chain stores, and to make sure that family-and locally-owned businesses can continue to thrive here.  We want to protect the sustainability of Sag Harbor's many small stores and the social, cultural, and environmental aesthetics of the Village. Their proprietors are our friends and neighbors, and if they are pressured to close their doors, the character, and in fact the "brandable"  nature of our village, will change irrevocably. This realization has evolved into the larger goal of maintaining the scale and

quality of life in and around the village in both commercial and residential terms.  Save Sag Harbor's first public meeting was held on July 15th, 2007.



Please become a supporting member of Save Sag Harbor. Stand with us in dedication to protecting the character, scale and quality of life of our unique village.

There are currently many critical developments in the village, some in the works and some just on the horizon. 

Save Sag Harbor is the only organization committed to upholding our hard-won zoning code and preserving our small stores and historic streetscapes.

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Save Sag Harbor’s 2016 Work in Our Village:

1) Our free weekly online newsletter with over 1700 subscribers, edited by Robert Cohen, alerts Save Sag Harbor members and subscribers about important Village meetings as well as local cultural, entertainment and outdoor activities.

2)  Ongoing Code Compliance Issue:

Save Sag Harbor successfully led the fight since 2012 to reduce the number of variances requested on the building application for the

Harbor Heights gas station (Route 114/Hampton Street) from its originally requested number of 17 to a single one.

The Harbor Heights gas station is a "Pre-existing, Non-conforming Use" in a residential area within our Village. As such, any intensification of use is legally prohibited and the law requires that there be a reduction of use NOT an intensification.

Save Sag Harbor's concerns--along with those of the surrounding neighborhoods--were about building size, potential intensification of use, and quality of life.   

The station, now reopened and in operation, has raised new concerns.  

On Tuesday, December 13th Save Sag Harbor presented to the Mayor  Village Board of Trustee and Tom Prieato, the Building Inspector a letter with our concerns.  These include concerns over night lighting, signage, vegetation buffer, unapproved flag pole as well as gas station and store hours.  We hope to meet with the Village Board and Mr. Prieato to discuss our concerns.  If any one would like to read our entire letter please go to our website,

3) Special Permit Applications:

"Special Permit" requests made directly to the Village Board of Trustees are required on lots over 25,000 sq ft where a building is proposed to be more than 4,000 square feet, and therefore threatens to alter the scale and harmony of Village neighborhoods.  

We believe the standards for a "Special Permit Variance" should be very high, explicit and rigorous with the goal of preserving neighborhood scale.

Presently we are seeing this aspect of the code tested in both Redwood and Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, and the Ninevah Subdivisions (aka SANS).  Developer LLCs are buying up multiple properties (in some cases combining them) and are utilizing the "Special Permit" variance application to apply for sizes of residences out of scale to most village homes.    

Although Save Sag Harbor is working to oversee these applications as they are submitted to the Village Boards all neighborhoods should be vigilant to insure that undesirable precedents are not set so that the treasured scale of our Village is not destroyed.


We need your help!


4) Preservation Issues:

Harbor Heights Service Station


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Your safe and secure Paypal donation  will help us pay for legal consultation, communications, PR, mailings, and public meeting spaces. We appreciate your support!

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We have also signed on to the South Fork Groundwater Task Force recently, and hope you will investigate the good work they are doing on our behalf and with the participation of other community groups.



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Save Sag Harbor appealed to the Village Board of Trustees (VBOT), the ZBA, and the BPHAR to do everything possible to prevent the demolition and significant alteration of historic houses this year, including the derelict Morpurgo House on Union Street which was saved just before the wrecking ball. 

As of Nov. 24, 2016 according to the Sag Harbor Express, Zach Studenroth, the architectural historian and BHPAR consultant determined that the structure actually dates to the 18th Century, much older than previously estimated.  It is likely one of the oldest and most significant houses in the Village!

In September 2016 Save Sag Harbor held a Contributing Members

Meeting at the Old Whalers' Church where many members voiced their concerns and ideas. This meeting resulted in the adoption of

Four Resolutions to serve as a guide in the months ahead.

These Resolutions were presented to the VBOT at its October meeting and are as follows:

a) to stand firm and protect our wetlands and beaches and to enforce local laws including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and; The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA); that the Village's Environmental Consultant review all permit applications pertaining to wetlands prior to presentation to any Village land-use Board and to coordinate that review with the Village's Harbor Committee.

  1. 5)Oversight:

Utilizing the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Save Sag Harbor analyzes controversial building applications.  

We are the only organization to monitor Village board meetings. However many hands make light work, and members, residents of the Village and friends are urged to attend as many Village Board meetings as possible.  Your attendance has a positive impact on board proceedings whether you speak up or not!  Warm bodies are essential at meetings.  

Early in the New Year SSH will submit additional suggestions for the Village residential code, including new and/or clearer code provisions as well as a request for more systematic board procedures.  We hope these request will insure that maximum protections will be standard throughout each application process. 

Suggestions regarding vegetation and tree protection continue to be advocated for inclusion in the residential code.

6) Four Resolutions Voted on at SSH's Membership Meeting at the Old Whalers' Church:

A renovation of the historic and distinctive brick l'Hommedieu House on Main Street was brought before the BHPAR as a "discussion item" by its owner, with the idea of raising the architecturally important flat roof to accommodate extra bedrooms and baths and to expand the basement level beyond the perimeter of the house. In reaction to a strong negative response from the Village the proposal was withdrawn.

  1. b)to support traffic calming measures, better bicycle and pedestrian access including the following:  to allocate 2% of Sag Harbor's transportation budget to non-car expenditures

c) to work against artificial turf being allowed anywhere in the Village and specifically to not proceed with its installation at Pierson High School on their playing field.  

Save Sag Harbor supported public outreach on the Pierson High School issue through coverage in our newsletter and a financial contribution toward an ad in the Sag Harbor Express.  The vote on Wednesday, December 14th was overwhelmingly against the installation of Artificial turf on their playing field with 139 voting for and 1016 voting against! 


d) to support a Village-wide petition for SANS (a.k.a Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, and the Ninevah Subdivisions) called "Don't Pillage our Village" protecting those neighborhoods from over-scale development and for them to become culturally and/or historically land marked due to their significance as one of the first African-American summer communities in the country.

Please show your support for Save Sag Harbor to continue this vital work.

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Morpurgo House

L’Hommedieu House

The Old Whalers’ Church

Main Street, Wreaths on Main Street